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The CME Center has established the Maintenance of Professional Competence (MPC) Program to assist health professionals to keep abreast of the developments in their specialties and related fields. The professional development that they undertake will enable them to provide an optimum level of health care to the patients and the community.

The MPC Program has the following main objectives:
1. To ensure that all health professionals receive opportunities for professional
2. To ensure that practitioners participate in educational activities that are effective
    in their practice context;
3. To demonstrate to patients, the public and peers that health professionals are  
    committed to life-long education.

Registration for CME/CPD

An Online Application Form is available for practitioners to apply for registration in the MPC Program and for CME organizers to register the proposed CME/CPD activities.

Please click:
www.kims.org.kw/cme/cme_regform.htm - Registration in MPC Program; www.kims.org.kw/cme/cme_provdform1.htm - Registration of CME/CPD activities