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Credit Point System - Reciprocal Recognition of CME Credits


External Agencies
Participating in activities organized by accredited institutions abroad such as the Royal Colleges of UK, Canada and Australia, the American College of Physicians, the American Medical Association, the British Medical Association, the Saudi Council for Health Specialties and other similar organizations could be considered for recognition by KIMS, provided such educational activities had been accepted by the concerned authority of the country as CME/CPD.

The Certificate of Participation should clearly indicate the credit point value that the participant may claim. A document that does not mention the CME/CPD credits but merely states that the practitioner attended the activity is not sufficient for the above purpose.

Practitioners who wish to attend activities abroad should contact the organizers and consult the concerned KIMS CME/CPD Officer in advance to verify the CME/CPD status of the activities.
If certificates that do not indicate credit values are received by the CME Center, they would be assessed in consultation with the CME/CPD Officer of concerned specialty. The practitioner is responsible for obtaining and submitting the necessary details regarding the activity to facilitate this assessment. Additionally, copies of the relevant certificates need to be submitted to the CME Center at least six weeks prior to any applicable deadlines.

Internet-based Activities
Practitioners are encouraged to use web-based learning for continuing education and continuing professional development. The maximum number of CME/CPD credits that may be claimed on accredited CME/CPD activities undertaken through the Internet is limited to 5 credits within a 24-hour period.

Substantive Recognition by RCPSC
The Maintenance of Professional Competence (MPC) Program of the CME Center of KIMS is substantively recognized by The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
Fellows of the College practicing in Kuwait have the option of participating in the MPC Program in lieu of the RCPSC's MOC Program under the terms stipulated by RCPSC.

Accreditation of the MPC Program by the Royal College of Pathologists, UK
The Royal College of Pathologists in UK has accredited the CME/CPD programs offered by KIMS under its MPC Program. The Royal College of Pathologists accepts the participation in the KIMS scheme by Members and Fellows working in Kuwait. The College does not require that its members also participate in its own scheme, though the option remains open to them.